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From blossom to beverage.
Best fruit juice products from Ghana.

Pinora is a unique fruit juice processing facility for Ghana and West Africa:
Using up-to-date production and laboratory equipment, and employing an
experienced team, Pinora meets highest international standards.



Pinora produces aseptic and frozen NFC juices as well as concentrates from oranges and pineapples. We are SGF member and organically certified by IMO, Switzerland. All our products are completely natural – without additives. With our dedication to quality we ensure that only best quality fruit is processed.

For further information about our products please contact us.

Orange – Valencia (92%) / Mediterranean Sweet (8%)
Pineapple – Smooth Cayenne / MD2

  frozen aseptic
FCOJ 66°Brix xx xx
NFC Orange xx xx
Pineapple 60°Brix xx  
NFC Pineapple xx xx
Organic FCOJ 66°Brix xx  
Organic NFC Orange xx xx

There is more to high quality
fruit juices than just the fruit:
It’s also about processing